• Examining health literacy on cholera in an endemic community in Accra, Ghana: a cross-sectional study

    Tutu R, Gupta S, Busingye J. Tropical Medicine and Health. 2019; 4799091139194680796617691649624612215540541271517101821581411498123216(1636121013333731121125513Sup2Sup3Sup187545869):

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  • WASH from the START: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education in Preschool

    Wagner JT, Pramling Samuelsson I. International Journal of Early Childhood. 2019; 31273131137124425(4611101448):

  • Role of nursing management to assess disability prevention and elimination of lymphatic filariasis.

    El Sherbini GT, Hany Kamel N, Geneedy MR. International journal of current microbiology and applied sciences. 2018; 7(1):1658-1666.

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