NNN Conflict and Humanitarian Emergencies Working Group

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The NNN Conflict and Humanitarian Emergencies Working Group supports global efforts to control, eliminate and eradicate NTDs by identifying needs, developing strategies and best practices, and increasing political will to implement NTD programs in endemic areas affected by conflict and humanitarian emergencies. 

Our objectives:

1. Identify and collate evidence, and develop and disseminate best practices through the development of case studies, reference guidelines, operational research, and field guides to support NTD programme work in areas affected by conflict and humanitarian emergencies.

2. Drive the development and implementation of a NNN strategy focused on NTD work in conflict and humanitarian emergencies.

3. Participate in relevant forums related to conflict and humanitarian emergencies to promote collaboration between humanitarian, development and NTD sectors.

Planned activities:

The NNN Conflcit and Humanitarian Emergencies Working Group consists of three task teams that have been created to carry out work defined by the group. Activities conducted by the task teams include:

Task Team 1: Mapping
a) Mapping the NTD burden in identified focus areas
b) Identifiying knowledge gaps in areas suspected to be endemic but where mapping has not been possible
c) Identifying NGOs that work in or could support work in areas affected by conflict and humanitarian emergencies

Task Team 2: Sharing best practices and solutions 
a) Developing and disseminating case studies to improve knowledge and NTD delivery in conflict and humanitarian emergency settings
b) Identification, synthesis and dissemination of available research on the topic

Task Team 3: Advocacy
a) Identify how best to advocate to donors about the need to address NTDs in conflict settings
b) Develop relationships with key stakeholders working in conflict and humanitarian emergencies, including UNHCR and other organisations from the humanitarian sector
c) Take outputs of other taskteams forward and advocate on their behalf where and when possible

Contact information:

Co-chair: email Angelia Sanders at angelia.sanders@cartercenter.org

Co-chair: email Fiona Vincer at fiona@mentor-initiative.net

Vice chat: email Sharone Backers at sbackers@rti.org


Download and print the NNN Conflict and Humanitarian Emergencies objectives below. 

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