AHRI - Armauer Hansen Research Institute

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AHRI is a Biomedical research Institute in Ethiopia which is working in tuberculosis, HIV, malaria, Leishmaniasis, training and reaserch capcity building. AHRI is undergoing reform to transform itself to be an institute embracing research agenda which will have direct impact in development and transformation of population in Ethiopia and Africa. Involvement with EACCR will help AHRI to achieve it mission through capacity building and collaborative projects addressing regional and continental health issues. Besides AHRI can contribute to EACCR members through provision of training in Bioethics, GCP, and biomedical informatics. AHRI has played a key roll in institutionalizing Bioethics and is the home office for PABIN ( Pan African Bioethics Initiative)


Jimma Road
PO Box 1005 Addis Ababa
Phone: 251-11 321 13 34 , 251-11 321 1