Information on cross-cutting issues in NTDs

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  1. Economic Access of Lepers

    Sekarningrum B, Muljadji Y, Yunita D. Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research. 2017; 6(s1):395-401.
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  2. Challenges and barriers for implementation of the World Health Organization Global Disability Action Plan in low- and middle- income countries.

    Khan F, Owolabi MO, Amatya B, Hamzat TK, Ogunniyi A, Oshinowo H, Elmalik A, Galea MP. Journal of rehabilitation medicine. 2017;
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  3. Estimating the economic and social consequences for patients diagnosed with human African trypanosomiasis in Muchinga, Lusaka and Eastern Provinces of Zambia (2004-2014).

    Mwiinde AM, Simuunza M, Namangala B, Chama-Chiliba CM, Machila N, Anderson N, Shaw A, Welburn SC. Infectious diseases of poverty. 2017; 6(1):150.
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  4. High prevalence of soil-transmitted helminth infections among primary school children, Uttar Pradesh, India, 2015.

    Ganguly S, Barkataki S, Karmakar S, Sanga P, Boopathi K, Kanagasabai K, Kamaraj P, Chowdhury P, Sarkar R, Raj D, James L, Dutta S, Sehgal R, Jha P, Murhekar M. Infectious diseases of poverty. 2017; 6(1):139.
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  5. Integrating primary eye care into global child health policies.

    Malik ANJ, Mafwiri M, Gilbert C. Archives of disease in childhood. 2017; 1-5.
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