Mapping biopsy for Buruli ulcer self-medicated with occlusive dressing.

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TitleMapping biopsy for Buruli ulcer self-medicated with occlusive dressing.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsHayami T, Takahashi T, Kato T, Tanaka T, Fujimoto N
Abbrev. JournalJ. Dermatol.
JournalThe Journal of dermatology
Year of Publication2017
Publication Languageeng
Keywordsasymptomatic, Buruli Ulcer, Mapping biopsy, Occlusive dressing, Plastic wrap

Buruli ulcer is the third most common mycobacterial infection next to tuberculosis and leprosy caused by Mycobacterium ulcerans. Although it affects the skin, subcutaneous tissues, muscles and sometimes bones, there is no reliable evidence to determine the extent of debridement. We present here a case of Buruli ulcer treated successfully with a preoperative mapping biopsy procedure, which had been self-medicated with occlusive dressing. Because Buruli ulcer is accompanied by subtle pain, patients and clinicians tend to initially treat the ulcer with occlusive dressing therapy, which leads to the misdiagnosis of Buruli ulcer as a common bacterial infection only judging from bacterial culture of the surface of the ulcer. We propose the efficacy of mapping biopsy for treating Buruli ulcer.

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