ALERT India - Association for Leprosy Education, Rehabilitation and Treatment

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ALERT-INDIA (Association for Leprosy Education, Rehabilitation and Treatment-India), a voluntary charitable organization, started its work over 3 decades ago with a vision to eradicate leprosy from our country. This age old disease still lingers around in our cities and villages - largely due to ignorance and social myths that add to the fear and stigma that surround leprosy.

LEAP Publications: The basic purpose of these publications is to strengthen the integration by empowering GHC (General Health Care) personnel to treat and manage leprosy in par with other diseases, community volunteers to refer early leprosy cases and highlighting leprosy related issue to the programme managers through advocacy. ALERT-INDIA has also produced various IEC materials for Leprosy and TB awareness in the form of films, leaflets, flip charts (albums), posters, stickers, booklets and exhibitions.


Mira Mansion
400022. Mumbai
Téléphone: +91-22-24033081/2