Information on cross-cutting issues in NTDs

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  1. Does task shifting yield cost savings and improve efficiency for health systems? A systematic review of evidence from low-income and middle-income countries.

    Seidman G, Atun R. Human resources for health. 2017; 15(1):29.
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  2. Risk factors for podoconiosis: Kamwenge District, Western Uganda.

    Musenero M, Nanyunja M, Lali WZ, Nabukenya I, Kihembo C, Kaharuza F, Ario AR, Masiira B, Matovu JKB, Zhu BP, Matwale GK, Makumbi I. The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene. 2017;
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  3. Surfaces: An interdisciplinary project to understand and enhance health in the vulnerable rainforests of Papua New Guinea.

    Middleton J, Cassell J, Novotny V, Colthart G, Peck M, Fairhead J, Walker SL, Head MG, Macgregor H, Inacio J, Stewart A. 2017;
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  4. The effectiveness of narrative enhancement and cognitive therapy: a randomized controlled study of a self-stigma intervention.

    Hansson L, Lexén A, Holmén J. Social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology. 2017;
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  5. The Zika Virus Outbreak in Brazil: Knowledge Gaps and Challenges for Risk Reduction.

    Garcia Serpa Osorio-de-Castro C, Silva Miranda E, Machado de Freitas C, Rochel de Camargo K, Cranmer HH. American journal of public health. 2017; e1-e6.