Network of WHO collaborating centres for trachoma.

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TitreNetwork of WHO collaborating centres for trachoma.
Type de PublicationReport
AuteursWorld Health Organization
Année de Publication2017
Langue de Publicationeng
Mots-clésCollaborating centres, Elimination, NTDs, Trachoma, WHO

International commitment to eliminate trachoma as a public health problem worldwide is supported by resolution WHA51.11 of the World Health Assembly. Important progress towards this goal has been made by harnessing the mostly informal relationships that exist between partners including Member States, the World Health Organization (WHO), academic institutions, donors and nongovernmental organizations. Recognizing that work remains to be done and that the 2020 target for elimination is rapidly approaching, in February 2015 the WHO Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases convened a group of academic institutions that had for many years helped WHO to implement its mandate on trachoma and to work towards establishing a Network of WHO collaborating centres (WHOCCs) for Trachoma. The report of that meeting has been published.

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