Anesvad - por el derecho a la salud

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Anesvad is an independent, non-denominational, non-governmental development organization (Development NGO). Our goal is to contribute to promoting and safeguarding health as a fundamental human right. Through our 55 partner organisations from the Global South help put Anesvad’s work into practise. These are local people and organisations who are safeguarding and promoting the right to health.

We work for the following causes: NTD's - Sexual & Reproductive Health - Community Health - Human Trafficking - Maternal & Child Health.

Our work to advance the right to health covers four essential areas: Availability of health care - Quality of health services - Accessibility - Acceptability & Respect for local traditions.

We are working with local organisations and institutions in each country to combat leprosy and Buruli ulcer, among other NTDs. We are also working to reduce the causes and spread of leishmaniasis, Chagas disease and Dengue fever.


Anesvad Bilbao Office:
General Concha, 28 - 1º / Entrada calle Egaña
48010 Bilboa
Phone: 944 418 008