Information on cross-cutting issues in NTDs

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  1. Prevalence surveys for podoconiosis and other neglected skin diseases: time for an integrated approach.

    Marks M, Mitjà O. The Lancet. Global health. 2019; 7(5):e554-e555.
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  2. The validity, reliability and minimal clinically important difference of the patient specific functional scale in snake envenomation.

    Gerardo CJ, Vissoci JRN, Oliveira LP, Anderson VE, Quackenbush E, Lewis B, Rose RS, Greene S, Toschlog EA, Charlton NP, Mullins ME, Schwartz R, Denning D, Sharma K, Kleinschmidt K, Bush SP, Brandehoff NP, Lavonas EJ. PloS one. 2019; 14(3):e0213077.
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  3. Long-term effects of snake envenoming.

    Waiddyanatha S, Silva A, Siribaddana S, Isbister GK. Toxins. 2019;
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  4. Acceptability and Use of Mobile Health Applications in Health Information Systems: A Case of eIDSR and DHIS2 Touch Mobile Applications in Tanzania

    Mbelwa JT, Kimaro HC, Mussa B. 2019;
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  5. Evaluating mHealth Apps Using Affordances: Case of CommCare Versus DHIS2 Tracker

    Chhetri A, Iversen M, øll J, Kanjo C. 2019;
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