Information on cross-cutting issues in NTDs

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What's New?

  1. Zika virus 6 months later.

    Frieden TR, Schuchat A, Petersen LR. JAMA. 2016; 316(14):1443-1444.
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  2. Physically disabled women and sexual identity: a PhotoVoice study.

    Payne DA, Hickey H, Nelson A, Rees K, Bollinger H, Hartley S. Disability & Society. 2016; 31(8):1030-1049.
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  3. Time for justice: safeguarding the rights of disabled children.

    Porter J. Disability & Society. 2016; 31(8):997-1012.
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  4. An overview of neglected tropical diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Gyapong JO. Neglected Tropical Diseases-Sub-Saharan Africa. 2016; 1–14.
  5. Globalization 2: Revisiting neglected tropical diseases such as polio, dengue fever, and in particularly ebola.

    Atatah PE, Kisavi-Atatah CW. Open Journal of Social Sciences. 2016; 4(1):1-13.
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