Information on cross-cutting issues in NTDs

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What's New?

  1. Increasing evidence of low lymphatic filariasis prevalence in high risk Loa loa areas in Central and West Africa: a literature review.

    Kelly-Hope LA, Hemingway J, Taylor MJ, Molyneux DH. Parasites & vectors. 2018; 11(1):349.
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  2. An international qualitative study exploring patients' experiences of cutaneous leishmaniasis: study set-up and protocol.

    Erber AC, Arana B, Bennis I, Ben Salah A, Boukthir A, Castro Noriega MDM, Cissé M, Cota GF, Handjani F, Kebede MG, Lang T, López Carvajal L, Marsh K, Martinez Medina D, Plugge E, Olliaro P. BMJ open. 2018; 8(6):e021372.
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  3. Why do patients refuse trichiasis surgery? Lessons and an education initiative from Mtwara Region, Tanzania.

    Gupta KM, Harding JC, Othman MS, Merbs SL, Gower EW. PLoS neglected tropical diseases. 2018; 12(6):e0006464.
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  4. History and perspectives on how to ensure antivenom accessibility in the most remote areas in Brazil.

    Fan HW, Monteiro WM. Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology. 2018;
  5. Epilepsy misconceptions and stigma reduction interventions in sub-Saharan Africa, a systematic review.

    Kaddumukasa M, Kaddumukasa MN, Buwembo W, Munabi IG, Blixen C, Lhatoo S, Sewankambo N, Katabira E, Sajatovic M. Epilepsy & behavior : E&B. 2018; 8521-27.