Information on cross-cutting issues in NTDs

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What's New?

  1. Effectiveness of rifampicin-streptomycin for treatment of Buruli ulcer: a systematic review.

    Tanywe A, Fernandez RS. JBI database of systematic reviews and implementation reports. 2017; 15(1):119-139.
  2. In Vitro Susceptibility of Mycobacterium ulcerans Isolates to Selected Antimicrobials.

    Owusu E, Newman MJ, Addo KK, Addo P. The Canadian journal of infectious diseases & medical microbiology = Journal canadien des maladies infectieuses et de la microbiologie medicale. 2017; 20175180984.
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  3. Exposure Risk for Infection and Lack of Human-to-Human Transmission of Mycobacterium ulcerans Disease, Australia.

    O'Brien DP, Wynne JW, Buultjens AH, Michalski WP, Stinear TP, Friedman DN, Hughes A, Athan E. Emerging infectious diseases. 2017; 23(5):837-840.
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  4. Leishmania infantum DNA detected in phlebotomine species from Puerto Iguazú City, Misiones province, Argentina.

    Moya SL, Giuliani MG, Santini MS, Quintana MG, Salomón OD, Liotta DJ. Acta tropica. 2017; 172122-124.
  5. Global and local environmental changes as drivers of Buruli ulcer emergence.

    Combe M, Velvin CJ, Morris A, Garchitorena A, Carolan K, Sanhueza D, Roche B, Couppié P, Guegan JF, Gozlan RE. Emerging microbes & infections. 2017; 6(4):e34.
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