APA - Action on Podoconiosis Association

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The Action on Podoconiosis Association (APA) is an NGO created solely for the relief of suffering from Podoconiosis through effective prevention and treatment programs, in line with the past Millenium Development Goals in Ethiopia. APA's first project "Podoconiosis Prevention and Treatment Project in Wolayta, Gamo Gofa and Dawro Zones of SNNPR" was agreed and signed by the SNNPR (Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region) Finance and Economic Development Bureau on February 20th 2012. This project aims to:

  • establish treatment sites in three zones and treat a total of 38,100 patients
  • provide vocational training (e.g. shoe making, hair-dressing, carpentry, etc.)
  • prrovide microcredit to up to 450 treated patients
  • increase awareness of Podoconiosis in communities within the zones, to help eliminate prejudice and reduce the on-going rate of disease
  • transfer project activities to local Government authorities