FAIRMED - Gesundheit für die Ärmsten / Health for the Poorest.

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Formerly: Leprahilfe Emmaus Schweiz/Switserland.

At the core of their work is the focus on neglected tropical diseases such as Leprosy and Buruli ulcer, people with disabilities and health care for marginalised communities. Projects are developed together with the focus population and they are linked to government authorities and other organisations alike in the countries where FAIRMED is active. FAIRMED is concerned that marginalised people can claim their basic right on health care irrespective of gender, social or political affiliation.. Their goal is:

  • to make health services accessible for the poor and sick.
  • to enable people to live an independent life despite illness or disability.
  • to increase the long term independence of poor countries from international aid.
  • a social and just health policy.
  • to break the vicious circle of poverty and disease, thereby making a contribution to the achievement of the UN millennium development goals.
  • to enable disadvantaged people and communities to improve their everyday lives through their own endeavours and thereby play a part in the implementation of the WHO Ottawa Charter.

With all their projects, FAIRMED makes a contribution to the accomplishment of these goals.

The programmatic approach of FAIRMED "Access to Healthcare" is based on three core topics: Neglected tropical diseases, people with disability and marginalised communities.


Aarbergergasse 29
CH-3000 Berne
Phone: +41/(31) 311 77 97
Fax: +41/(31) 318 08 41