TLM - The Leprosy Mission

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The Leprosy Mission (TLM) is an international Christian organisation serving people affected by leprosy - a Global Fellowship comprising about 1,800 staff spread across 29 different countries supported by the International office in London. Founded in 1874, The Leprosy Mission is the oldest and largest leprosy-focused organisation in the world today.

TLM's vision is  ‘leprosy defeated, lives transformed’. TLM’s programmes include hospitals, community health programmes, disability resource centres, orthotics and prosthetics, livelihoods support, vocational training centres, education support, inner wellbeing, and human rights-based advocacy in partnership with persons affected by leprosy at national and global level to bring about the end of laws that discriminate against leprosy.

Although the core of TLM’s work is for and with persons affected by leprosy, it also includes persons affected by other NTDs, persons with disabilities, marginalised groups and those living in extreme poverty.


The Leprosy Mission International
80 Windmill Road
TW8 0QH Brentford
United Kingdom
Phone: +44/20 8326 6767
Fax: +44/20 8326 6777