TLMI - The Leprosy Mission International

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The Leprosy Mission International (TLMI) is an international Christian organisation which helps people affected by leprosy. Founded in 1874, The Leprosy Mission is the oldest and largest leprosy-focused organisation in the world today. TLMI's vision is for ‘leprosy defeated, lives transformed’. This is why their main focus is on leprosy work and not other areas of healthcare. However, TLMI's work often includes other marginalised people in society, those with severe disabilities or those living in extreme poverty. TLM International operates as a central ‘hub’, providing co-ordination, facilitation and operational services in response to the stated needs of the Members. It has around 20 staff, most of whom work at the International Office in London, UK.


The Leprosy Mission International
80 Windmill Road
TW8 0QH Brentford
United Kingdom
Phone: +44/20 8326 6767
Fax: +44/20 8326 6777