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CURE ID began as a collaboration between FDA and the National Center for Advancing Transla- tional Sciences (NCATS), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). FDA and NIH are also collaborating with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), the Critical Path Institute (C-Path), and other partners to assess the global utility of the CURE ID platform.

The platform is a web-based tool, which enables healthcare providers to share their real-world experiences treating patients with repurposed drugs – existing drugs being used in a new way – through a simple online case report form on their smartphone, computer, or mobile device. Patients and caregivers are now able to enter their own cases through a patient portal, adding another rich source of treatment data to CURE ID.

CURE ID captures treatment outcomes when drugs are used to treat new diseases or are used in other new ways. Through CURE ID’s ability to obtain and organize this information received directly from healthcare providers, patients, caregivers, and published case reports, promising new therapeutic uses can be identified for formal study by institutions involved in drug development, and unhelpful or harmful uses can potentially be avoided. The systematic collection of real-world experience reported to CURE ID will help to enhance the understanding of how existing medical products are being repurposed for new uses; may facilitate clinical trials and drug development; and can serve as a resource for healthcare providers to share information where no FDA-approved product proven safe and effective exists for the disease in question.

Users, i.e., clinicians, researchers, policy makers, patients and their caregivers can view cases submitted by these groups, as well as those extracted from the published literature. In addition, they can view and participate in discussions and see clinical trials from They can also stay up to date on the latest infectious disease news through journal articles, news articles, and events that are updated daily.

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