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Practical Material

Health and climate change toolkit

WHO works to provide and disseminate information on the threats that climate change presents to human health and supports opportunities to promote health while cutting carbon emissions.

Capacity building is a central element in all of WHO’s support to countries to ensure national ownership and the building of a community of practice on climate change and health and national, regional and global levels. Capacity building includes both technical and institutional capacity building.

A comprehensive set of guidance, tools and training manuals on a wide range of topics on climate change and health are available under the WHO toolkit of climate change and health resources, allowing for modular capacity building. 

Furthermore, national, regional and global trainings and educational material on relevant topics are organized as part of the implementation of both overall WHO initiatives or specific projects on climate change and health.

With regards to institutional capacity building, WHO promotes a multi-sectoral approach to dealing with the health impacts of climate change.

Collaboration and partnerships with relevant partners at country level, such as the Meteorological and Hydrological Services and the Ministry of Environment are considered key not only to strengthen capacity on climate change and health but also to advance in the implementation of relevant initiatives and projects at country level.

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