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Practical Material

Health inequality monitoring foundations

Now more than ever, many health inequalities across and within countries are recognized as preventable, unfair and unacceptable. Health inequality monitoring is an essential starting point for building more effective and more equitable policies, programmes, and practices. Monitoring inequalities is necessary to characterize current realities, evaluate the impact of actions, and indicate where changes are still needed. This course helps learners to become familiar with the basics of health inequality monitoring, why it is important and how it can be carried out. No prior knowledge about health inequality or experience conducting health inequality monitoring is required. The target audience for this course includes monitoring and evaluation officers, health programme managers and policy makers. The course is also suitable for anyone with a general interest in the topic of health inequality monitoring.

This course is part of the Health Inequality Monitoring Foundations series, featuring the following courses: (1) Overview, (2) Data Sources, (3) Health Data Disaggregation, (4) Summary Measures of Health Inequality and (5) Reporting.