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Tips for Writing a Winning Research Proposal

iCHORDs I. iCHORDS. 2022;

A request for proposal (RFP) is a document that announces a project, explains it, and invites eligible researchers or organizations to submit bids to complete it. Developing an effective research proposal to submit to the RFP, in public health and global health, is an essential step towards funding research initiatives. 

Given the role of the proposal in outlining the steps that will be taken to answer a research question, the Last Mile podcast episode set out to guide the listening community towards some of the expectations of what makes a good research proposal. To help navigate the do’s and don’ts of research proposals, the podcast brought on two special guests, Dr. John Amuasi (ARNTD) and Dr. Patrick Lammie (NTD-SC).

In this podcast episode of the Last Mile by ICHORDS you will:

  • Hear about the unique career journeys of Dr. Amuasi and Dr. Lammie and how they started working within the field of neglected tropical diseases   
  • Learn about the components of a good and bad research proposal 
  • “Peek behind the curtain” to see what happens when a batch of proposals are received for review
  • Learn how to frame the potential for negative research results
  • See how the work Dr. Amuasi and Dr. Lammie do contributes to the last mile of NTD elimination and control

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