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The Asia and Pacific Region: Rural-urban impact on disability.


The Asia and the Pacific region is home to over 4.4 billion people or 60% of the global population, accounts for over 40% of the global economy, and is home to nearly 70% of the world’s poor and most vulnerable populations including people with disabilities who are scattered throughout rural areas or crowded into towns and cities on a land area of almost 45 million km2, which comprises roughly 17% of the world’s surface. This chapter will discuss the demographical, social, political, and economical changes of the region and how these changes impact individuals with disabilities and their socioeconomic disadvantages. This chapter will also address the contributions from various United Nations systems, international organizations, national governments, nongovernment organizations, and grassroots organizations in reference to the development of community-based rehabilitation (CBR) services and improving policies to alleviate poverty among persons with disabilities and enhance their quality of life and participation in society.

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Wong DW
Wong Hernandez L
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Disability and Vocational Rehabilitation in Rural Settings
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