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Characteristics and perspectives of patients with postoperative trichiasis in Hadiya Zone, Ethiopia



Postoperative trachomatous trichiasis (PTT) is a challenge for trichiasis surgery programs. Little is known about PTT patients’ perceptions regarding outcomes and future disease management. This study aimed to understand the characteristics of PTT patients, how they managed trichiasis and their perceptions of prior surgeries and future surgery uptake.


Patients with PTT were identified during an existing trichiasis screening program in Hadiya Zone, Ethiopia. A vision assessment and evaluation of the eyelids were conducted to determine distance vision, presence and severity of trichiasis and eyelid contour abnormalities. A questionnaire was administered to obtain information regarding patients’ perceptions of surgery and PTT management approaches. Descriptive statistics were used to characterize PTT and determine associations between PTT severity and patient perceptions.


Among 404 participants, most were female (79.7%) and aged 40–60 y (62.6%). In total, 514 eyelids had PTT, and nearly half had severe PTT (46.9%). Although >50% of participants were currently epilating to manage their PTT, the majority (82.8%) indicated that they wanted repeat surgery. Most participants indicated that pain persisted despite epilation. The majority (75.1%) indicated satisfaction with their prior surgery and 59.6% indicated that they would recommend surgery to others.


This study, which included a large proportion of severe PTT cases, indicated that individuals were generally satisfied with prior surgery and would prefer to have surgery again for PTT management.

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Shrestha R
Merbs SL
Bayissasse B
Sisay A
Beckwith C
Courtright P
Gower EW