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ChatGPT and mycosis– a new weapon in the knowledge battlefield


As current trend for physician tools, ChatGPT can sift through massive amounts of information and solve problems through easy-to-understand conversations, ultimately improving efficiency. Mycosis is currently facing great challenges, including high fungal burdens, high mortality, limited choice of antifungal drugs and increasing drug resistance. To address these challenges, We asked ChatGPT for fungal infection scenario-based questions and assessed its appropriateness, consistency, and potential pitfalls. We concluded ChatGPT can provide compelling responses to most prompts, including diagnosis, recommendations for examination, treatment and rational drug use. Moreover, we summarized exciting future applications in mycosis, such as clinical work, scientific research, education and healthcare. However, the largest barriers to implementation are deficits in indiviudal advice, timely literature updates, consistency, accuracy and data safety. To fully embrace the opportunity, we need to address these barriers and manage the risks. We expect that ChatGPT will become a new weapon in in the battlefield of mycosis.

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Jin Y
Liu H
Zhao B
Pan W