Community-based rehabilitation: the generalized model.

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TitleCommunity-based rehabilitation: the generalized model.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsMitchell R
Abbrev. JournalDisabil Rehabil
JournalDisability and rehabilitation
Year of Publication1999
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsChild, Community Health Services, Disabled Children, Disabled Persons, Female, Government Programs, Humans, Male, Patient Care Team, Primary Health Care, World Health Organization

This article presents an overview of a generalized approach to rehabilitation services which have come to be known as community-based rehabilitation (CBR). The various administrative and government organizations that may be involved in the delivery of rehabilitation services are identified. Specific attention is given to the various forms of medical referral systems that might exist. In general, rehabilitation services are provided at the community level but more difficult cases, which require more sophisticated approaches, are referred to institutions more closely allied to a central government. This referral system also gives the disabled person access to more specialized personnel and services. The sources of information in this article consist of fundamental and formative primary references from documentation provided by the World Health Organization (WHO). These sources provide a valuable set of historical documents detailing the idealized concept of CBR.

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