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Discussing One Health: Veterinary Public Health, Health Communication, and Collaborations and Partnerships


One Health, as an approach to achieving important global health outcomes, thrives at the intersectionality of human health, veterinary health and environmental health. The interdependence of these three pillars highlights its importance as a holistic tool for inclusive development. With a prevailing pandemic that is caused by a zoonotic viral agent, One Health truly is the keyword of the times. Similarly, the numerous Neglected Tropical Diseases prevalent throughout the world also calls upon a One Health approach for their control, elimination and prevention. Public health veterinarians seek to keep communities safe and healthy by promoting human and environmental health through preserving animal health. As a panopticon to view the achievement of vital global health outcomes, One Health is truly a collaborative affair. The paradigm, by definition, is multidisciplinary, multi-sectoral, and integrative in nature. Thus, effective collaborations and partnerships towards understanding are integral to successful programs. Moreover, how a One Health institution thrives is heavily reliant on how the separate, yet interconnected branches effectively communicate to each other. The aim of this paper is to consider some One Health points of discussion that are worthy of highlighting despite their pretermit nature. Discussions on One Health as a lens in viewing NTDs in the Philippines, an appreciation of veterinary public health as veterinary medicine’s entry point to One Health, the importance of effective communication, collaborations and partnerships within the paradigm are subsumed herein.

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Tenorio JCB