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Diverse Information Sources and The Community’s High Level of Knowledge About Lymphatic Filariasis in Air Salobar and Waihaong, Ambon City, Indonesia


Background: Mass Drug Administration (MDA) is a strategy to eliminate lymphatic filariasis (LF) in endemic areas. However, individuals' decision to take LF drugs in MDA is associated with their knowledge and awareness about LF. This study examined the association between the community’s level of knowledge and awareness about LF with the number of informant types and media types for LF information in Waihaong and Air Salobar Health Centers, Ambon City, Indonesia.

Methodology: We used data from a household survey conducted in January 2019 involving 944 respondents aged 18-70 living in the study sites. Data analysis was performed using multivariable logistic regression.

Results: We found that only 33.3% of respondents had a high level of knowledge and awareness about LF. An increased odds of having a high level of knowledge and awareness about LF was associated with respondents receiving information from more than one type of informant and one type of media (aOR=10.55, 95%CI: 2.35-47.37, p=0.002), and among female respondents (aOR=1.92, 95%CI: 1.25-2.94).

Conclusions: These findings emphasize the importance of comprehensive health promotion strategies using different types of informants and media to enhance the community's knowledge and awareness about LF, which is important to support the elimination of LF in Ambon City, Indonesia.

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Journal Article
Tomasouw JFC
Titaley C
Malakauseya MLV
Kailola NE
Krentel A