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Eastern Mediterranean Region plan 2021–2025 to accelerate implementation of the global roadmap for neglected tropical diseases 2030


During the implementation of the first neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) road map 2012–2020, Member States of the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region made significant progress, reducing the overall NTD burden and eliminating some NTDs as a public health problem: trachoma from the Islamic Republic of Iran, Morocco and Oman, and lymphatic filariasis from Egypt and Yemen. Many of the targets set for 2020 were not met, however. WHO and its partners have held extensive consultations to develop the new global NTDs road map for the period 2021–2030 to deliver more coordinated and cost-effective NTD interventions. This will improve programme coverage and guarantee that the poorest have enhanced access to quality-assured, effective and safe medicines and diagnostics. The new road map will move from a disease-specific approach to an integrated approach that cuts across all 20 diseases and disease groups to ensure country ownership and leadership. It will also promote the development of new tools for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. This plan is designed to accelerate implementation of the new global NTDs road map in the Eastern Mediterranean Region during 2021–2025 by providing clear milestones that will enable national governments to take the lead in delivering NTD interventions. Disease-specific and cross-cutting approaches in line with WHO’s Thirteenth General Programme of Work (GPW13) and our regional Vision 2023 will be combined to reach the 2025 milestones and pave the way for Member States to achieve the NTD-related Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets by 2030

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