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Empowering Health care Systems and Communities for Snakebite Envenoming Control in India.


Snakebite envenoming (SBE) is a global health challenge, predominantly affecting economically disadvantaged regions. India contributes significantly to global snakebite mortality. Since 2013, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has spearheaded efforts to combat SBE. A multi-sectoral engagement in the snakebite research projects and inputs from communities, traditional healers, and the health system have led to the creation of an Information Education and Communication (IEC) material suite, including management flowchart, information booklets, posters, and brochures, all available in local languages. These resources were broadly disseminated in high-burden regions in Maharashtra and Odisha, resulting in an approximately 10% increase in case reporting within a year. This holistic approach, engaging diverse stakeholders and addressing multiple facets of SBE, offers promise for alleviating the snakebite burden, not only in India but also in other low- and middle-income countries across South Asia, Africa, and South America, holding potential for broader positive global impact.

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Munshi H
Gajbhiye R