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A global call for action to tackle skin-related neglected tropical diseases (skin NTDs) through integration: An ambitious step change.


On 8 June 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) released pivotal guidance, "Ending the neglect to attain the Sustainable Development Goals: A strategic framework for integrated control and management of skin-related neglected tropical diseases." Skin-related neglected tropical diseases, or skin NTDs, comprise a group of NTDs that produce signs and symptoms on the skin and include at least 9 diseases or disease groups. Moving away from disease-specific approaches, it is anticipated that synergies will be identified and integrated building on this shared feature, where possible, to achieve a greater health impact. This paper intends to draw attention to the prospects created by this scheme. The framework is a key basis for a proposal produced by WHO dedicated to skin NTD integration and describes the practical opportunities for this evolving strategy. It underlines the wider health benefits that will follow, thus working towards Universal Health Coverage and skin health for all.

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Yotsu R
Fuller CL
Murdoch M
van Brakel W
Revankar C
Barogui M
Postigo J
Dagne D
Asiedu K
Hay R