Guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of leprosy

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TitleGuidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of leprosy
Publication TypeReport
Corporate AuthorsWorld Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia.
Place PublishedNew Delhi
InstitutionWorld Health Organization
Year of Publication2018
Publication Languageeng

The Guidelines for the Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Leprosy provide state-of-the-art knowledge and evidence on leprosy diagnosis, treatment and prevention based on a public health approach in endemic countries. The target audience of this document includes policy-makers in leprosy or infectious diseases in the ministries of health (‎especially but not limited to endemic countries)‎, nongovernmental organizations, clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, donors and affected persons. These leprosy guidelines have been developed by strictly following WHO's GRADE approach wherein all available evidence published in English has been taken into consideration. Funding support was received from The Nippon Foundation.

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