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Guinea worm eradication: the need for sustained surveillance using One Health approach amidst COVID-19 pandemic and worsening armed conflicts in Nigeria


Pockets of cases of guinea worm disease exist globally, despite several deadlines set for eradication. Previously, Nigeria was known to be endemic for guinea worm disease, until 2008 when it recorded zero case. In the past, guinea worm was thought to be an exclusive human disease. However, recent evidences have implicated animals. Hence, there is need for the use of novel methods of surveillance that integrates human, animal and environmental health as one. Guinea worm may find its way back into our midst as Nigeria faced numerous security challenges in addition to COVID-19 pandemic capable of negatively impacting surveillance efforts. Hence, multidisciplinary approach using one health should be employed to sustain the gains made in guinea worm eradication efforts.

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Journal Article
Mohammed Y
Zainu SM
Manga MM
Jimoh AK
Egbe EO
Abubakar J
Saminu Y
Shittu U
Galalain SM
Lawal SU
Mohammed K
Egah DZ