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IJCM_284A: A Community based Cross-sectional study to assess the foot care practice and its associated factors among Lymphatic Filariasis patients in rural areas of Chengalpattu district, 2023.


Background: Lymphatic filariasis (LF) is a neglected tropical diseases, in which India has 40% of the world’s burden. LF patients suffering from disability, social stigma and severe morbidity remains as a significant public health concern. Patients to avoid acute attacks of lymphadenitis and to alleviate lymphoedema progression should have meticulous foot care practices.

Objectives: 1. To assess the foot care practices and its associated factors among lymphatic filariasis patients in rural areas of Chengalpattu. 2. To determine the association between sociodemographic characteristics and clinical foot care practice among lymphatic filariasis patients in rural areas of Chengalpattu.

Methodology: A community based cross-sectional study was conducted in rural area of Chengalpattu by multi-stage random sampling method among 185 participants with lymphedema using a semi-structured questionnaire for regular foot care by interview. Data was collected by Epi-collect 5 software and analyzed using SPSS v 16.

Results: Among 190 participants - 50.5% were above 60 years, 63.2% were females, 59.4% had education up to middle school, 56.8% were unemployed, 70% were from upper lower class and below. 68.4% (95% CI: 61.3-75) had good practice on foot care based on 8 recommended foot care measures. A significant association was found between good foot care practices and those above upper lower socioeconomic class [OR=3.9(1.71-8.90)], with chronic illness [OR=1.9(1.01-3.71)], with water supply at home [OR=3.64(1.23-10.7)], experiencing acute lymphadenitis attack [OR=0.345(0.14-0.82)], patient worn foot wear regularly [OR=3.51(1.26-9.74)], wearing shoes and slippers [OR=0.134(0.35- 0.51)], patient seeking OP services for filariasis regularly [OR=3.18(1.56- 6.47)] had health education[OR=3.31(1.36-8.08)] and attended training programme [OR=2.86(1.50-5.45)].

Conclusion: Study indicated that people living with lymphoedema in rural areas of Chengalpattu district had good foot care practices. But more than one fourth of people had bad foot care practice, which can be improved by strengthening the patient follow-up, health education, training programme for patients and health care workers on foot care practice and morbidity management.

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Kandaiah SP
Maheswari UR
Baranidharan B
Damodaran V