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Importance of consultations using mobile teams in the screening and treatment of neglected tropical skin diseases in Benin.


Context: Since 2013, the World Health Organization has recommended integrated control strategies for neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) with skin manifestations. We evaluated the implementation of an integrated approach to the early detection and rapid treatment of skin NTDs based on mobile clinics in the Ouémé and Plateau areas of Benin.

Methods: This descriptive cross-sectional study was performed in Ouémé and Plateau in Benin from 2018 to 2020. Consultations using mobile teams were performed at various sites selected by reasoned choice based on the epidemiological data of the National Program for the Control of Leprosy and Buruli Ulcer. All individuals presenting with a dermatological lesion who voluntarily approached the multidisciplinary management team on the day of consultation were included. The information collected was kept strictly anonymous and was entered into an Excel 2013 spreadsheet and analyzed with Stata 11 software.

Results: In total, 5,267 patients with various skin conditions consulted the medical team. The median age of these patients was 14 years (IQR: 7-34 years). We saw 646 (12.3%) patients presenting NTDs with skin manifestations, principally scabies, in 88.4% (571/646), followed by 37 cases of Buruli ulcer (5.8%), 22 cases of leprosy (3.4%), 15 cases of lymphatic filariasis (2.3%) and one case of mycetoma (0.2%). We detected no cases of yaws.

Conclusion: This sustainable approach could help to decrease the burden of skin NTDs in resource-limited countries.

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Gnimavo R
Fajloun F
Al-Bayssari C
Sodjinou E
Habib A
Ganlonon L
Claco E
Agoundoté I
Houngbo O
Anagonou E
Biaou C
Ayélo A
Houezo J
Boccarossa A
Moussa E
Gomez B
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Marion E
Johnson R
Kempf M