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Incidence of helminthiasis in humans in Iraq.


Background: The biggest problems facing the medical parasitologist are the problem of controlling the spread of human worms. This study aims to estimate the prevalence and infection intensity of soil-transmitting helminthes (STHs) and other helminthes in Iraqi governorates in 2016.
Methods: The data was obtained from Communicable Diseases Control Center through the period from January to Jun, 2016.
Results: The results showed that individuals were infected with Ascariasis (40), (20), (6) (7) and 90 individuals infected with Hymenolepiasis. 78,486 individuals were infected with Enterobiasis, 7 cases were infected with Taenia solium.
Conclusion: This study demonstrates that Enterobiasis is the most common helminthic disease in Iraq in 2016 followed by Hymenolepiasis and Ascariasis. Moreover, the prevalence of helminth infections was higher in patients with age group between-14 years who did not have awareness enough for personal hygiene.

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