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Lymphatic Filariasis and Dracunculiasis


In poor nations, helminthic illnesses are a major source of social, economic, and medical problems. These parasite illnesses affect a large number of people, and there are not enough effective treatments available. It is necessary to step up research on novel medications and treatments to address this pressing need. The lymphatic system is hampered by lymphatic filariasis, which can result in aberrant body part growth and cause discomfort, severe disability, and social stigma. As of 2018, there were 51 million cases, a 74% decrease from the 2000 commencement of the WHO's Global Programme to Eradicate Lymphatic Filariasis. With 27 cases documented in 2020, the devastating parasite disease dracunculiasis is almost completely eradicated. The transmission cycle takes between 10 and 14 months to complete after infection. The aim of the book chapter is to focus on pathogenesis, diagnosis, available treatment, and measures to eradicate these infections caused by helminthic parasites, which have been declared as neglected diseases by the World Health Organization.

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