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Management and Control of Dengue Fever through One Health


Dengue fever, a virus transmitted by mosquitoes, continues to pose a significant health challenge on a global scale, especially in tropical areas. The One Health approach, which considers the interconnected areas of human, animal, and environmental health, is becoming a comprehensive strategy for managing and controlling this intricate infectious disease. A key aspect involves improved diagnostic abilities and smooth information exchange between healthcare facilities, which are crucial for surveillance and early detection. Effective dengue management relies on cooperation between public health and environmental agencies to carry out specific interventions such as insecticides, biological controls, and environmental modifications to prevent mosquito breeding. This collaboration is vital for controlling dengue. At the same time, a comprehensive approach to environmental management includes coordinated land use planning and recognizes the influence of climate change on mosquito carriers. Public awareness initiatives are essential in highlighting the importance of community involvement and individual accountability in reducing the breeding grounds for mosquitoes. It is crucial to conduct interdisciplinary research in order to progress our comprehension of dengue patterns and to encourage the development of inventive control methods, such as the genetic alteration of mosquitoes. In terms of policy, it is crucial to encourage collaboration between different agencies and countries, to support the creation and execution of policies that align with a unified One Health approach. By combining forces from various fields such as health, agriculture, environment, and education, the One Health strategy provides an effective way to reduce the spread of dengue fever, recognizing the complex interconnections between humans, animals, and the environment. This comprehensive method not only strengthens our ability to protect against dengue, but also lays a strong groundwork for tackling other new infectious risks that affect multiple areas of health.

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