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More than Stigma: Improving Wellbeing for People in Developing Countries

This project puts the focus on promoting the importance of bringing attention to mental health in developing countries. It aims to connect people with mental disorders with the help needed to improve their wellbeing. Through the methodology of design thinking and theories of wellbeing and inclusive design, a design proposal is developed.

With the situation of COVID-19, people’s wellbeing has become an important issue that needs to be addressed. Apart from physical health, mental health also plays a big role in bridging people into their optimum state of wellbeing. However, the decreasing number of available mental health services has made it difficult for the people to get the help needed, especially in developing countries such as Indonesia, where it had already been limited prior to the pandemic. The primary reason being how mental health is stigmatised, which hinders people from getting the help they need to improve wellbeing.

The proposed service design, Discover the Stigma, shows a tool developed alongside stakeholders that enables people in Indonesia to get connected with the help needed and to understand, maintain, and/or improve their wellbeing. It is intended that the tool would provide comfort for people who feel stigmatised within the society and for society to understand them better.

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