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Mothers' Knowledge and Practices regarding Care of their Children Suffering from Blinding Trachoma


Background: Blinding trachoma is the leading infectious cause of blindness worldwide.  Aim of this study: Was to assess mothers' knowledge and reported practices regarding care of their children suffering from blinding trachoma. Research design: A descriptive design was utilized to conduct this study. Setting: This study was conducted at outpatient clinic at the Benha Ophthalmic  Hospital. Sample: A purposive sample of  55 mothers who accompanied their children who diagnosed with blinding trachoma and aged 1day-9 years. Tools of data collection: Two tools were used to conduct this study.Tool I:  Structured  questionnaire schedule to assess mothers' knowledge regarding blinding trachoma. Tool II:  Reported practice questionnaire to assess mothers' reoprted practice regarding care of their children suffering from blinding trachoma. Results:  The majority of the studied mothers had unsatisfactory knowledge about blinding trachoma, while less than two thirds of them had inadequate reported practices toward caring for their children with blinding trachoma. Conclusion: There was a positive correlation between total knowledge and reported practices of mothers' towards caring of their children with blinding trachoma. Recommendations: Provision of educational programs on regular basis is suggested to the mothers caring of their children with blinding trachoma.

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Saber Osman D
El-Sayed Hassan S
Mohammed Said K
Mohammed Abd El-Aziz S