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Neglected Disdb: A Broad Internet Framework for Gathering And Analysing Data From Neglected Diseases


Biological databases, which offer access to a wide range of biologically related data, play a vital role in the life sciences. This paper suggests a community-defined, uniform, generic definition of the biological database’s core quality. This paper is mostly intended for computer scientists with only a basic knowledge of biology. Scientific literature is being replaced by libraries, Understand the details crowded in statistics and text as a way of disseminating this information to the public neglected disease database (https:// The NEGLECTED DISDB is a biological archive that includes disease knowledge for about 20 neglected diseases, as well as genes, targets, and gene network analysis. This database is open to the public, free, and open-source. it was developed with r programming language in r studio by using different packages.

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Paritala V
Reddy R
Kalva S