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One Health as an Integrated Approach: Perspectives from Public Services for Mitigation of Future Epidemics


This chapter explores the implications for the health of humans, animals, and the environment derived from the provision and utilization of conventional public services (e.g., healthcare and water and sanitation supply) and non-conventional services (e.g., provision of green spaces). Public services are services like education, health, and sanitation, entitled to a population, and so are important for achieving development goals. Here, the integration of public services under the One Health (OH) perspective, which is key for promoting health and early detection of risks of future epidemics, is exemplified by the cases of food systems, land use, and land cover change. The discussion section of this chapter addresses how to reduce the risks of future epidemics by making public services enablers of health. Finally, we call for more integrative research and action under the OH approach.

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