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Parasites causing cutaneous wounds: Theory and practice from a dermatological point of view


A wide range of parasites can infest open wounds, or cause wounds due to the effects of the infestation. Parasitic infestations can involve the skin and subcutaneous tissues, with various clinical manifestations. In case of cutaneous wounds related to infestations, protozoa, helminths and arthropods are the main groups of parasites involved and emerging new aspects have been recently reported. Treating the wound correctly is fundamental in these patients in order to reduce the development of pathological scars and prevent complications. In particular, a gentle debridement for devitalized/infested tissue removal, the appropriate use of topical antiseptics and dressings such as hydrogel, hydrocolloids and antimicrobial dressings can be useful to control superinfections, moisture balance, inflammation and to promote edge proliferation.

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Oranges T
Veraldi S
Granieri G
Fidanzi C
Janowska A
Dini V
Romanelli M