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Participation level of the leprosy patients in society.


The present study examines the soci-demographic profile and participation restriction level of the respondents and the association of gender socio-economic status (SES) and deformity status of the respondents with their respective participation restriction level. 245 leprosy patients have been selected for the present study. Socio-economic scale, participation scale and in-depth interviews were used for data collection. Data analysis was done by using statistical package for social sciences (SPSS). 57.1% belonged to poor SES followed by lower-middle (21.6%). Only 12% of respondents belonged to high SES. Out of 245 respondents, 32.20% had grade II deformity 31.40% grade I and the rest 36.3% non-deformed. The results of the participation scale showed that 54.28% had no significant participation restriction and only 3.67% had extreme participation restriction. SES and deformity status of the respondents have shown significant differences with the level of participation restriction. The lower the SES and the severe the level of deformity of the respondents, the extreme is the level of participation restriction among them.

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Singh S
Sinha A K
Banerjee B G
Jaswal N