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Primary health care measurement framework and indicators: monitoring health systems through a primary health care lens


This document provides technical specicfications for each indicator included in the the menu of indicators proposed for primary health care (PHC) measurement framework and indicators. In the first section below, Tables 1.1 and 1.2 provide a summary overview of the menu of indicators, including brief definitions, possible disaggregations, level of data, and preferred data source. This is then followed by detailed metadata for each indicator. Metadata tables include additional information such as definitons (including details on key criteria and or attributes), numerator and denominator, rationale for the indicator, references, and available data collection tools as and where relevant. Indicators that are of significant value for monitoring dimensions of quality, equity, and resilience across the entire framework are marked with superscripted text. As quality, equity and resilience have been highlighted as key cross-cutting monitoring dimensions in the PHC measurement framework, the second section of this document includes tables 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 that list specific indicators to help monitor these dimensions. Figure 1 presents the PHC performance measurement framework and indicators, demonstrating how measuring PHC contributes to monitoring UHC, health-related SDGs, and overall impact on health and well-being. Many of the indicators (particularly those that assess outcomes and impact) draw from globally agreed standards, including the Global indicator framework for the Sustainable Development Goals and the WHO Thirteenth General Programme of Work 2019–2023 (GPW 13) Impact Framework. Other indicators are more novel and have been included to address critical areas of PHC measurement. These indicators will require further testing and development. As such, these technical specifications will be reviewed and refined regularly to take account of lessons learned from experiences applying the framework as well as new approaches to measuring PHC that emerge over time.

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