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Public Health Education Challenges in Developing Countries


Public health education in developing countries faces significant challenges, including limited resources, inadequate infrastructure, and high disease burdens. This chapter explores a comprehensive set of recommendations to address these challenges and enhance public health education in these regions. The recommendations encompass diverse areas such as curriculum revision, faculty development, community engagement, and global health perspectives. Furthermore, the chapter highlights the importance of continuous assessment, ethics education, and interdisciplinary approaches in preparing students to address the complex health issues faced by developing countries. The adoption of these recommendations can contribute to the development of a well-prepared and adaptable public health workforce, ultimately improving the health and well-being of communities in developing countries. By implementing these recommendations, stakeholders in public health education in developing countries can work toward overcoming the challenges they face. These efforts can contribute to the preparation of competent public health professionals who are equipped to address the unique health issues and disparities in their regions, ultimately leading to improved population health and well-being.

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