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The Relationship of Degree of Disability and Quality of Life Among Released From Treatment People Affected by Leprosy in Surabaya, Indonesia

Amount of disability makes leprosy an important public health problem world over. The disability in leprosy like physical defects lead to dissatisfaction in the lives of people affected by leprosy (PALs). Involvement of skin and peripheral nerves impact on disability which may influence on quality of life (QOL) among PALs. This study has been carried out to analyze the relationship between degree of disability and QOL among PALs in Surabaya. This cross-sectional study included 44 PALs living in UPTD Babat Jerawat, Surabaya, Indonesia. A self-administered questionnaire was used to study the socio-demographics of PALs, whereas the degree of disability was assessed by WHO Disability Grading for hands & feet and eyes. QOL were assessed using observation sheet and WHO-QOL, respectively. Spearman Analytic test was used to analyze the correlation between degree of disability and QOL among PALs. The degree of disability among PALs was level 1 in 27.3% and level 2 in 72.7%. 47.7% had poor quality of life whereas remaining 52.3% had a good quality of life. There was a significant relationship between degree of disability and QOL among PALs (p=0.011) among PALs. Interestingly, 19 people (59.4%) with the level 2 disability had a poor quality of life, however, 13 people (40.6%) with the same level 2 disability had a good quality of life. The conclusion of this research is the level of disability was found to be related to the quality of life of the RFT PALs in Babat Jerawat Benowo Surabaya. The disabilities drive in negative response in their life, which affects on their quality of life too. This means that QOL can be improved in a major section of PALs by appropriate strategies. Therefore, improving the QOL should be a priority in the existing programs, particularly in PALs with disabilities.

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Indian journal of leprosy
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