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Scabies affects quality of life in correlation with depression and anxiety


Introduction: A small number of studies have shown that scabies causes impairment in the quality of life in adult patients. There was no study evaluated the depression and anxiety and their relationships between life quality in patients with scabies. The aims of this study are to assess the impact of scabies on adult patients’ quality of life and evaluate the relationship between depression and anxiety levels and impairment in life quality. Methods: This cross-sectional study included adult patients diagnosed with scabies in our dermatology outpatient clinic. The demographic data and characteristics of patients were recorded. The effect of scabies on quality of life was evaluated by Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI), and the levels of depression and anxiety were evaluated by Beck Depression Scale (BDS) and Beck Anxiety Scale (BAS).Results: Totally, 85 patients included to the study. The mean ± SD total DLQI score was 10.54 ± 6.17. The quality of life of 72.2% of the patients was moderate to extremely large affected. The domain with the highest impact on patients that ‘symptoms and feelings’ was impaired in all patients. The other domains that had the most impact on patients were ‘work and school’, ‘personal relationships’ and ‘daily activities’, respectively. There was a positive correlation between the duration of the disease, the total DLQI score and the severity of the disease’s impact on quality of life (rs= 0.287, p= 0.01 and rs=0.280, p= 0.008, respectively). The mean BDS score ± SD was 12.11 ± 9.52 and the mean BAS score ± SD was 8.81 ± 9.45. There was a positive correlation between BDS and BAS, and total DLQI score (rs=0.448 and p=0.000; rs=0.456 and p=0.000, respectively).Conclusion: Scabies has a moderate to severe effect on life quality on patients. There was a positive correlation between impairment quality of life and anxiety and depression scores.

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