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Stigma and Infectious Diseases in Africa: Examining Impact and Strategies for Reduction


Stigma poses a significant barrier to accessing care, managing, and preventing infectious diseases in Africa. We conducted an extensive search across Scopus, PubMed, ScienceDirect, and Google Scholar to identify relevant English-language articles, with no constraints on publication dates, using the keywords “Stigma,” and “Infectious Disease,” in conjunction with “Africa.” This article explores the multifaceted nature of stigma associated with infectious diseases, highlighting its impact on healthcare access and public health outcomes. It delves into the current situation of infectious disease-related stigma in Africa, emphasizing the various diseases and contexts affected. The article identifies drivers of stigma, including negative attitudes, misinformation, and institutional practices, and discusses their role in perpetuating discrimination. Importantly, it provides recommendations for addressing infectious disease stigma in Africa through comprehensive strategies encompassing health education, contact-based interventions, professionalized counseling and peer support services, and community engagement. The article calls for collaboration among governments, healthcare organizations, NGOs, and community leaders to implement holistic strategies that prioritize inclusivity and stigma reduction. Ultimately, it underscores the urgent need to combat stigma to improve healthcare access and outcomes for individuals affected by infectious diseases in Africa.

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Omosigho PO
John OO
Musa MB
Aboelhassan YMEI
Olabode ON
Bouaddi O
Mengesha DT
Micheal AS
Modber MAKA
Sow AU
Kheir SGM
Shomuyiwa DO
Adebimpe OT
Manirambona E
Lucero-Prisno DE