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Strengthening adult mosquito surveillance in Africa for disease control: Learning from the present


Mosquito surveillance is essential to successfully control and eliminate mosquito-borne diseases. Yet, it is often done by numerous organizations with little collaboration, incomplete understanding of existing gaps, and limited long-term vision. There is a clear disconnect between entomological and epidemiological indices, with entomological data informing control efforts inadequately. Here we discuss current mosquito surveillance practises across the heterogenous disease landscape in Africa. We advocate for the development of mosquito surveillance strategic plans to increase the impact and functionality of mosquito surveillance. We urge for a proactive approach to set up centralized mosquito data systems under custodian of national governments, focus on epidemiologically relevant mosquito data and increase robustness of mosquito surveillance using a more spatially explicit sampling design.

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Journal Article
Coulibaly ZI
Gowelo S
Traore I
Mbewe RB
Ngulube W
Olanga EA
DePina AJ
Sanou A
Coleman S
Tangena JA