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Strengthening preparedness against global health threats: A paradigm shift based on One Health approaches


The implementation of preparedness strategies to prevent and mitigate the impact of global health threats poses several challenges. It should promptly identify cross-cutting drivers of pandemic threats, assess context-specific risks, engage multiple stakeholders, and translate complex data from multiple sources into accessible information for action. This requires a coordinated, multidisciplinary and multisectoral effort engaging systems that, most of the time, work in isolation.

The One Health (OH) approach promotes the collaboration and communication among different disciplines and sectors, and could be applied across the preparedness phases at national and international level.

We discuss here gaps and needs in preparedness strategies, which can benefit from the OH approach, and a set of actionable recommendations, as shared with the G20–2021 with a dedicated Policy Brief.

The discussion adds to the current debate about OH operationalization and promotes a paradigm shift towards coordinated prevention and preparedness strategies for early assessment and management of global health threats.

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Journal Article
Dente M
Riccardo F
Declich S
Milano A
Robbiati C
Agrimi U
Mantovani A
Morabito S
Scavia G
Cubadda F
Villa L
Monaco M
Mancini L
Carere M
Marcheggiani S
Lavazza A
Farina M
Dar O
Villa M
Testori Coggi P
Brusaferro S

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