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Subcutaneous mycoses in Ethiopia: a retrospective study in a single dermatology center

Abstract Background The magnitude of various types of subcutaneous mycoses in Ethiopia is unknown. Methods We performed a 5-y retrospective review of confirmed cases at ALERT hospital dermatology clinics. Result Confirmed cases of subcutaneous mycoses included chromoblastomycosis (n=12) and mycetoma (n=8). The patients originated from four regions: Oromia (n=10), Amhara (n=6), Addis Ababa (n=3) and South (n=1). Males were affected in 75% of cases (15/20). Ages ranged from 19 to 66 y with a median age of 44 y. Duration of disease ranged from 1 to 25 y. Extremities were affected in all cases, with lower limb involvement in 85% (17/20). Conclusion Chromoblastomycosis was the most frequent subcutaneous mycosis followed by mycetoma.

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Journal Article
Abate DA
Ayele MH
Mohammed AB

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