The threat of lymphatic filariasis elimination failure in Pasaman Barat District, West Sumatra Province.

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TitleThe threat of lymphatic filariasis elimination failure in Pasaman Barat District, West Sumatra Province.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsIkawati B, Wijayanti T, Jastal
Abbrev. JournalInd. Jour. of Publ. Health Rese. & Develop.
JournalIndian journal of public health research & development
Year of Publication2018
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsElimination, failure, Indonesia, Lymphatic filariasis, MDA, Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), Pasaman Barat


Mass Drug Administration (MDA) of Lymphatic filariasis in Pasaman Barat District started in 2007. Result of Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) pre Transmission Assessment Survey (pre-TAS) in 2012 not pass, therefore MDA continued as long two years in 2014 and 2015. Coverage MDA in 2015 as much 78.69% from 319, 567 residence. Result of pre-TAS and TAS 1 after round 2 of MDA in Pasaman Barat pass the evaluation.


The data used in this analysis obtained from Elimination of Lymphatic filariasis Evaluation Study in Indonesia at 2017, one of which is located in Pasaman Barat. Research conducted on February-November 2017 in Katiagan Village as sentinel area and Ujunggading Village as location that found positive TAS 1 at school children. Blood smearss for filariasis examination collected from 631 resident, vector and reservoir survey done at that location for microfilaria examination. Qualitative analysis was conducted to combine information about the threat of Lymphatic filariasis failure in Pasaman Barat. Content analysis of indepth interview results is primarily about opportunities to prevent the possibility of elimination failure.


Survey in Pasaman Barat showed Mf rate in Pasaman Barat District 0.95% and Katiagan Village 1.6%. Brugiamalayi detected on vectors and reservoirs specially in Katiagan Village, this supported for Lymphatic filariasis transmission. Head of government at all level of government, health staff, costumary institutions, customary activity like wedding ceremony can be the entrance to the socialization activities of LF prevenyion and elimination.


In general, MDA filariasis in Pasaman Barat has succeeded in reducing filariasis rate, but in Katiagan still endemic.