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Tropical Diseases in Women


The tropical diseases caused by infectious agents have direct relationship with poverty and are being frequently ignored. Some of tropical infectious diseases like leprosy, tuberculosis, lymphatic filariasis, schistosomiasis, leishmaniasis, and onchocerciasis can result in disfigurement which affects the patients socially, economically, and psychologically. Though the tropical diseases are curable in all its aspects, the challenge in their confrontation is not contained in the biological domain, but in the social and cultural sphere, which, after all, affects the world’s poorest regions, a reality which demonstrates its relationship with social disparities. Though tropical diseases can involve any organ system in the body, cutaneous involvement causes more social, cultural, and psychological problems as the skin lesions are visible. Because of their placement in less priority for education and health in the family and society, females always ignore and conceal the treatable disease which subsequently leads to disfigurement and grave complications on long run. In the current chapter cutaneous manifestations, diagnostic approach, and management of tropical diseases in females have been discussed in detail.

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